Salah Faik

Salah Faik

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Salah Faik was born in 1945 in Kirkuk, Iraq. He worked inside and outside Iraq in cultural journalism and translation. He was an activist in the Iraqi Communist Movement. He joined the Kurd Revolution after the bloody February Coup in 1963 through the militant Communist Party organizations.

He published his first poems in late 1964. He returned to Kirkuk in late 1964 and joined the Literary Kirkuk Group. He had many jobs as a worker in Kirkuk and Baghdad, along with writing poems till late 1969.

He disappeared in Baghdad for some time, only to be abducted in the street. He was eventually rescued by some influential friends of his. After his release, he worked for the railway company, in addition to some other jobs.

In late 1974, he fled Iraq with the help of his poet friend, Abdel Wahab al-Bayati, who provided him with a passport. Al-Bayati also helped Faik in publishing his works in Baghdad, Damascus and Beirut. In addition, his first book, Hostages, was published by the Arab Authors’ Union.

After spending about two years in Syria, he published a series of literary works in the Syrian and Lebanese cultural magazines and press. In late 1976, he emigrated to Britain, where he worked as a translator and editor of cultural articles in several magazines. He also published a number of poem books, either in Arabic or translated into English. He struck many friendships with British poets and painters. For several personal reasons, he decided to move to the Philippines in 1993. Faik has been living there until now.


His poetic works include:

Hostages, Damascus (1975)

That Country, London (1978)

The Path to the Sea, Paris (1983)

Provinces and Dreams, London (1984)

Departure, London (1987)

Years, Dar al-Jamal Publications, Germany (1993)

Bears at a Funeral, Dar al-Jamal Publications, Beirut, Baghdad (2013)

His works were translated into other languages, including Persian and Kurdish.


His Melmoth publications in English include:

Another Fire Befitting a City, London 1979

The Load, the Word, London 1985


His publications in French include:

Otage. Voix Vives, De Méditerranée en Méditerranée, France 2011

Faik also wrote other unpublished collections of poems.

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