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Ms. Amal Gamal has participated in many literary conferences and poetry festivals as a researcher and as a poet.

She has a special interest in children. She participated as a researcher in the Child Conference in Cairo, held in April 2012. She was honored at the First Conference for Children’s Literature in the East Delta Cultural Region in June 2012. She is preparing for a reading campaign for children of pre-reading age in orphanages under the theme “Read to Them; They Have the Right to Dream.”    It is a volunteer effort by talented people and others. It is designed for reading to children and for encouraging them to draw as well.

Her works have been published in most literary magazines, periodicals and children’s magazines inside and outside Egypt, such as Creativity, Cairo, The New Culture, Today, Alwatan, Al-Arabi, and the London-based Alquds.

She has won many certificates of appreciation at literary conferences.

She obtained a criticism prize in the competition of the Supreme Council for Culture for the great author Sabri Moussa’s novel The Half-Meter Accident.

She was honored as one of the influential national figures in raising young people’s awareness in the Arab Spring by the Youth Empowerment Association, which is one of the civil society organizations.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Biology – Faculty of Education – Mansoura University 1990
  • Nursery and Kindergarten Education Diploma – Faculty of Education – Mansoura University 1991
  • Diploma in Art Criticism – Academy of Arts – Cairo 1995
  • Royal College Scholarship, London – King’s College London (KCL) – Teaching Methods 2002
  • Member of the Egyptian Writers Union
  • Member of Cairo Atelier
  • World Peace Ambassador in the World Peace Ambassadors – Geneva, Switzerland
  • A member of Code Pink: Women for Peace movement, in the USA
  • Founding member of the cultural group Idafa


Published works


  1. I Do Not Name You, A Poetry Collection, General Egyptian Book Organization, 1995
  2. For the Sake of a Cloud, A Poetry Collection, Culture Palaces Authority, 1998
  3. Once Upon a Time in This House, A Poetry Collection, Special edition, 2000
  4. The Frog Lake, Story for Kids, General Egyptian Book Organization, 2001
  5. Itlala, Novel and Short Story Studies, Dakahleya Culture, 2001
  6. Woods Tales, Children’s Stories, Qatr al Nadaa, 2002
  7. She is Like Me, Poetry Collection, Idafa Literary Group, 2008
  8. My Secret Black Flowers (Zuhuri al-sawda’ al-sirriya), Dar al-Mahrusa Publishers, 2008
  9. The Red Squirrel, Children’s Stories, Qatr al Nadaa, 2009
  10. Come With Me, Poetry for Children, Qatr al Nadaa, 2011
  11. A translation of Sam Hamill’s Almost Paradise to be published soon, the National Center for Translation.


Coming out soon

  • A Basket Full of Tales, Russian children’s stories translated from English
  • The Ant and the Dove by Leo Tolstoy – Russian stories translated from English
  • The Blue Bird, Children’s Stories
  • A translation of American poet Sam Hamill’s Measured by Stone



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