Salam Ibrahim

Salam Ibrahim

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–   Salam Ibrahim was born on December 8, 1954, in Diwanyiah, Iraq

–   He was one of the early contributors in the political and literary activity

–   Due to this, he was exposed to detention and psychological and physical torture more than four times in the period from 1970 to 1980

–   He was forced to go to the war front on the border with Iran as a reserve soldier

–   He joined the groups of revolutionists in Kurdistan in August, 1982

–   In February, 1983, he sneaked into the cities, concealing himself till October, 1983

–   He joined his military unit in February 1985, having been unable to bear to remain in the furnace of the glowing southern Basrah front

–   He accompanied his wife when he joined the mountain revolutionists the second time, leaving his first son behind

–   The functioning of his lungs was damaged by 60% due to the bombing with chemical weapons against the headquarters of the resistance parties in Zewah behind Emadyah City on June 5, 1987

–   In the Anfal campaign in August, 1988, he emigrated with the Kurdish gatherings to Turkey, then to Iran, to stay in the refugee camps in the far north of Iran

–   In 1992, he sought asylum in Denmark, where he still resides today


–   Salam Ibrahim started writing short stories in the early 1970s

–   He published his first short story in the Iraqi newspaper Taakhi in December, 1975

–   He wrote more than fifty short stories between 1975 and 1994

–   He continued publishing in 1987 in Iraqi and Arabic newspapers and magazines: Al-Thaqafah Al-Jadidah, Oyoon, Al-Badil, the London-Based Al-Quds Al-Arabi newspaper,  Al-Ightrab Literary Magazine, Az-Zaman, Iraqi opposition newspapers, the Beirut-based Al-Nahar newspaper, the Egyptian newspaper Ibdah, Al-Masalah, Alwah, the Lebanese newspaper “Good Morning,” Egyptian Literature News, the Emirati academic magazine Tabyan, the Iraqi newspaper As-Sabah, the Iraqi newspaper Al-Sabah Al Jadeed, and other newspapers and magazines

–   The published literature varies between fiction and criticism

–   He is the editor of the story and narration department in the Al-Kalimah electronic monthly newspaper

–   The following works of the writer have been published:

  1. “Certainty Vision,” a collection of stories, by Konouz Literary Publishing House. Beirut, 1994
  2. “Vision of the Absent,” a novel, by Al-Mada Publishing House, Damascus, 1996
  3. “Sand Bed,” a collection of stories, by Horan Publishing House, Damascus, 2000
  4. “Al-Ersi,” a novel, published by Ad-Dar Publishing House, Cairo, 2008
  5. “Life is a Moment,” a novel, published by the Egyptian-Lebanese Publishing House, Cairo, 2010
  6. “In the Hellfire,” a novel, published by the Cultural Affairs Publishing House, Baghdad, 2013

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