Amal Hassan Altimimi

Amal Hassan Altimimi

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Amal Hassan Altimimi is a writer, translator and lecturer.

She was born in Basra, Iraq. She studied psychology at Basra University in Iraq and then majored in sociology at Central Washington University in the USA. She currently lives with her husband and three children in Washington State, USA. She believes that science is the shortest path to God. Thanks to science, nations develop, peace spreads and welfare increases. She says about herself: “My heart overflows with a love that can reach everyone.”

Among her published books:

  1. The Muslim Family: Problems and Solutions
  2. The Explanation of Duaa Abu Hamza Althumali
  3. The Art of Debate and Manuscript
  4. Fragments of the Quranic Stories
  5. Masterpieces of World Literature (two parts)
  6. Banned Books
  7. Principles of Divine Sunan
  8. From the Corridors of the White House (3 parts)
  9. Social Phenomena from the Holy Quran
  10. The Political History of Religious Authority in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (3 parts)
  11. News of the Unknown
  12. Thus We Bequeathed Wisdom to Luqman
  13. The Effects of Prophecy
  14. With Hussein in Arafat
  15. God in the Philosophical Thought
  16. The Dictionary of Metaphors in the English Language
  17. Say and Don’t Say in the English Language
  18. Translation of the book The Sheikh’s Guests
  19. Translation of the novel When the Sun Rises
  20. In the Footsteps of Joseph (a collection of stories)
  21. Birds Without Nests (a novel)
  22. The White Dove (a novel)