Abd al Khaliq al-Rikabi

Abd al Khaliq al-Rikabi

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He has been awarded the State Prize for the novel and the theater more than once.

He was selected among five international novelists, including the French Gilbert Sinoué and the Algerian Waciny Laredj, to write the modern Arab history in the form of a novel in the context of the Qatar International Award for the Novel.

His novel, entitled The Tales of Ismail the Slaughtered, was published.

In 1987, he won the Big East Gallery Award for his novel Alraoouk.

In 1990, he won the Award for the Best Literary Book for his novel Before the Bashiq Flies Off.

His novel The Seventh Day of Creation won the Iraqi Best Novel Award in 1995, and it was selected among the best twenty Arab novels in the twentieth century by the General Union of the Arab writers in Damascus. This novel has been translated into the Chinese language, and hopefully it will be translated into English, French and Russian.

It will also be translated into the Italian language as a thesis entitled The Seventh Day of Creation: Translation and Study in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Master’s degree, recorded in the University of Siena by researcher Valentina Gabilieri under the supervision of Professor Akil Marii, professor of Arabic language and literature and Chairman of the Arabic Department at the same university.

In 1999, his play Albeezar won the State Prize.

His novels were taken as subjects for four Master’s theses, which are: Narrative Discourse Analysis in Abd al Khaliq al-Rikabi’s Writings by Dr. Magda Hato Hashim, Baghdad University, Faculty of Letters, 2003; Character Building in Abd al Khaliq al-Rikabi’s Novels by Dr. Abbas Khawy, University of Qadisiyah, 1998, Abd al Khaliq al-Rikabi as a Novelist by Raheem Abbas Harby – Mosul University, 1998 and finally The Historical Text in the Novels of Abd al Khaliq al-Rikabi by Adel Abbas – College of Education, University of Qadisiyah, as a Ph.D. thesis entitled “Narrative Codes between the Tales of Ismail the Slaughtered by Abd al Khaliq al-Rikabi and Delshad by Salim Barakat.”

The Iraqi Dr. Zaid Noman Maher obtained his Ph.D. in the city of Columbia, in the state of Missouri in the USA, for his thesis entitled The Public Burning by Robert Coover and The Seventh Day of Creation by Abd al Khaliq al-Rikabi.



The following books about him have been published:

  • Alraoouk Trilogy: Vision and Structure by Dr. Qais Kadhem al-Janabi
  • Al-Rikabi: the Godfather of Artful Subconscious by Dr. Hussein Sarmak Hassan
  • The Impact of Time on Creating Semantic Structure in The Seventh Day of Creation by Hassan Karim Aaty
  • Al-Rikabi… Nights after One Thousand, critical studies edited by Hassan Majad, not yet published.

Some of his works have been adapted to motion picture and television, including The Wall of Guns, a TV film; The Lover, a film based on his novel The Disappointments of Abdullah the Lover, directed by the Palestinian artist Mohamed Mounir Fenri; and the movie The Knight and the Mountain, based on his story Fiction, directed by Mohamed Choukri Jamil.