Ibrahim Al Masri

Ibrahim Al Masri

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Poet and journalist

Member of the Egyptian Writers Union


He has published the following works:

1-      The Game of Paper Boats; A novel, 1998, Department of Culture and Information, Sharjah (the novel was ranked third in the first session of the Arab Creativity Award – Sharjah)

2-      Alzahrordah; Poetry, 2007, Special Edition

3-      The Pavement of the Murdered Ones, An Arab Journalist’s Observations in Iraq, 2007, The Arab Institution for Studies and Publishing (winner of the Ibn Battuta Prize, Press Trip Section, 2006)

4-      The Iraqi Collection; Poetry, 2008 Arab-Swiss Cultural Center

5-      Beer Excerpts; Poetry, 2008 Dar Shams

6-      Consciousness and Existence; Poetry, 2009 Merritt House

7-      Editor of the following book: Red Flags by Amer Fares, McFarland & Company, USA, 2009) Memoirs of an Iraqi Conscript Trapped Between Enemy Lines in the 2003 Invasion of Iraq(

8-      Adel and Souad; A novel, 2010 Merritt House

9-      Poetry is a Being Without … Work; Poetry, 2010 Bideyet House

10-  Dream Smugglers, 2012, A novel, Dar Al-Adham

11-  Water Meal … Amber Meal; Poetry, 2013, Dar Al-Nassim


Pending publication:

1.      The Game of Paper Boats; A novel (second edition)
2.      The Pavement of the Murdered Ones: An Arab Journalist’s Observations in Iraq (The English translation of the novel Rassif Al-Katla: Moshahadat Sahafi Araby Fil Iraq)
3.      Butterfly, the name of … My Ladylove; Poetry



Among his manuscript works:

  • The Human Collection: Poetry work
  • Al-Rawdh Al Ater (The Perfumed Garden): A narrative
  • A Greeting to Kosovo… A Mysterious Greeting: A journalist’s business trip
  • We Reach Death Late: Poetry work
  • How Much Do We Waste Life? Poetry work

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