At A Glance

Darsafi  boasts being the one and only publishing house in the northwestern USA that specialized in translating and publishing literary and creative works, as well as general culture books, thus catering to the needs of millions of Americans who have been searching for decades, trying to find a gateway into the enchanting realm of Arabic and Kurdish culture.

Darsafi  was founded thanks to the efforts of the Iraqi-American poet Faiza Sultan, who is also an Arabic and Kurdish translator and the CEO of the translation agency Translation4all, Inc. Ms. Sultan’s strong passion for books and translation was behind the establishment of Darsafi for publication and distribution, as an attempt to facilitate communication between creative Arab and Kurdish people and thinkers on the one hand and Western creative people and thinkers on the other hand. More often than not, Arab and Kurdish writers have been unable to make their voices and brilliant ideas reach to the West, not because they lack originality and substance, but merely because of geographical barriers.