Submission Guidelines

There are two methods of submitting your manuscript to Darsafi, depending on whether or not you have agent representation:


Unagented submissions: Email submissions ONLY. No multiple submissions; please wait for a response to your manuscript before sending another. Please send an email which includes your name, address, telephone number, and a one to three paragraph synopsis of your work, along with the manuscript attached as a Word doc or RTF file, to Note that due to the volume of submissions a detailed reply in the case of a rejection may not be possible.

: Please ensure that your manuscript conforms to standard manuscript formatting requirements. For an example of this, see the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America example here.


Agented submissions: Email submissions strongly preferred! Please query first with an email to Editorial Director, Faiza Sultan, to  The email should include a one to three paragraph synopsis of the project in question in the body of the email.